When she isn’t drowning in a pile of never-ending laundry or picking up Legos, Jesica is busy building her brand and helping others do the same!

Jesica owns the successful blog, The Mommy Bunch, where she talks all things parenting, food, and DIY. Her Cricut tutorials on The Mommy Bunch are the most popular articles on her blog and are what sparked her passion for helping others learn all things Cricut — and for starting Rock Your Craft!

Rock Your Craft: Here at Rock Your Craft, you will find inspiration, tutorials, and tips for honing your craft. If you are looking to start or expand your craft business, we’ve got you covered there too!

Join the community: In her FREE Facebook group, Craft Cutters – A Cricut Learning Community, Jesica teaches other crafters tips and tricks while sharing fun and inspiration along the way.