If you are looking for easy Christmas crafts for kids, these felt Christmas lights are sure to be a hit for the whole family!

Felt Christmas Lights Craft


  1. Colored felt fabric – 5 to 6 different colors.
  2. Needle and thread (or simply use hot glue in any of the steps if sewing scares you)
  3. Pencil or pen – for tracing the template
  4. Scissors
  5. Cotton (I like to use this poly-fil)
  6. OptionalCricut Cutting Machine
  7. Optional – fabric glue


Step 1:

Select the felt fabric colors you’d like to use for your lights and trace the patterns from the template on the selected fabric, then cut them out nicely.

Download the free pattern HERE.

Alternately, you can use your Cricut cutting machine to cut out all the shapes for the lights. Be sure you are logged into Design Space before clicking the link or you won’t go to the cut file.

Grab the Cricut Cut File HERE.

Step 2:

Prepare white thread and needle. Simply do one single cross stitch to attach the white shadow on any one of the bulb cutouts. 

If you’re not good at stitching you can always use fabric glue to attach the items on felt.

Step 3:

Place two matching color bulb patterns together, making sure that all sides of both cut outs are matched. Keep the white stitched part of the bulb facing out.

Step 4:

Prepare thread that matches the color of the bulb. Start to stitch the two pieces together around the sides. I did a flat blanket stitch around the sides.

Remember to keep a small opening between the two bulb cutouts for stuffing.

Step 5:

Insert a small amount of cotton through the opening to give the felt bulb a fluffy look.

Step 6:

Stitch the opening after you are done stuffing. Tie two knots and then insert the needle from one end to any random end of the felt; then draw the remaning end all the way to the other end. Cut off any extra thread once done.

Step 7:

Similarily prepare more felt light bulbs. Use different bright colored felt fabrics to make the bulbs. 

Step 9: 

Stitch the bulbs on the back of the felt strip (the wire) using black thread. 

For a little extra fun, have your kids draw some Christmas trees on paper, or cut some trees out of felt freehand; or using your Cricut Maker. Then you have a fun play activity that can be used over and over again as everyone decorates and redecorates their tree!

Find loads of Christmas Tree templates in Cricut Design Space right here (click)!

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Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids – Felt Christmas Lights

When you want easy Christmas crafts for kids that are fun, builds dexterity, and can be utilized over and over... these felt Christmas tree lights are just the thing!