This fun DIY unicorn craft is great for kids, easy to assemble, and a whole lotta cute! If you have a unicorn lover in your house, they are going to love adding notes to this cute little pinboard.

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Unicorn Craft – Pinboard


Pinboard Craft Instructions

Step 1: Tracing and Cutting

Prepare the template patterns by printing and cutting them out. Trace the pinboard base pattern on the backing board (or any material that is hard). Download the template here.

Trace the separate patterns of the pinboard onto foam sheets. Download the template here.

Trace the flowers and leaves on glitter paper sheets and the front feet onto the same foam sheets you used previously. Download the template here.

Cut out all the traced items using scissors or an utility knife as necessary.

If you own a Cricut Explore or Maker, you can upload the images to Design Space and cut them that way.

Here are the PNG images for you to use (you will need to clean them up and remove the background for each image prior to saving as a cut file).

Base Pattern Template
Unicorn Pieces Template
Décor Pieces Template

To see how to upload these PNG files to Design space and remove the background watch this quick video tutorial (and don’t forget to subscribe!).

If you still have questions, or need to learn more about any of the other Design Space features, feel free to join my Cricut Learning Community group on Facebook!

At this point, you should have a backing board base and three separate unicorn pin board parts (cut from craft foam). You should also have the decor pieces cut from glitter paper and the feet cut from the same craft foam as the body pieces.

Step 2: Attach Square to Base

Attach the rectangle foam on the rectangle part of the base using craft glue.

Step 3: Attach Unicorn Parts to Base

Attach the two other parts on the base to complete the right side (pinning side) of the unicorn pinboard.

Step 4: Attach Décor Pieces

Grab all the glitter cut-outs and attach them to the unicorn pinboard to decorate it. Start by attaching the horn, then work on the flowers one by one.

Add the leaf cut-outs in between the flowers.

Step 5: Give Your Unicorn A Face

Use a black sharpie to draw the face on the unicorn.

Step 6: Attach Front Feet

The last step is to glue the front feet to the front of the rectangular pinboard so that it looks like your unicorn is holding onto the board.

Ta-da! You have made a fun unicorn craft in a few simple steps! Attach the unicorn pinboard on a wall in your work space, a child’s room, or anywhere you want to show it off and start pinning!

TIP: This fun unicorn craft pinboard makes a great way to leave notes of encouragement and motivation for your daughter (or anyone)!

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